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Speedy Clothing Fixer

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    Bullet Points:

    1.Fabric Fastening Made Easy: Simply pass the needle through the fabric, then press the trigger to quickly secure using our innovative tool to insert fasteners. Our Speedy Clothing Fixer is the handy solution for all your garment repair needs.

    2.Long-Lasting Performance:
     With a high-quality PP body and a stainless steel needle, Speedy Clothing Fixer gives durability and reliability for long-term use clothing repairs.


    3.Fine Needle Repair: Seamlessly mend garments with the ultra-fine needle; it's safe, secure, and ensures your clothes remain undamaged, secure repairs without damaging your garments.
    4.Portable Operation: With its portable design and lightweight construction, the Speedy Clothing Fixer allows for fast and effective clothing repairs anywhere, anytime. Its compact size makes it easy to store and retrieve when needed.
    5.Highly Efficient Fixing: Quickly patch up sheets, quilt covers, and appliques without any hassle, giving your clothes a new lease of life with Speedy Clothing Fixer.
    Revive your clothes with Speedy Clothing Fixer. With its ultra-fine stainless steel needle, the applique becomes a breeze. Handy to apply, easy to store and remove, it's the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

    Product name: Speedy Clothing Fixer
    Product size:
    Needle: about 2cm/3cm (0.79/1.18inch)
    Fixer: about 12.5x11cm/4.92x4.33 inches
    Product use: fixed quilt, quilt cover and bed sheet
    Product material: ABS, PET

    Product List:
    1* Speedy Clothing Fixer
    50* Glow-In-The-Dark Bear Buckles
    660 * Glue Needles

    Due to different lighting and screen settings, the product color may be slightly different from the picture.
    Due to the difference in manual measurement, please allow a 1-3cm difference in size.





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