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Planetarium Projector

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    6 Scenes in 1 Starry Lamp: Experience the magic of star projector light, featuring 6 different content film trays. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Milky Way, travel through mysterious time and space with the star vortex, marvel at the colorful aurora, explore the depths of the universe with the planet space, find serenity in the quiet crescent and cloud, or get lost in the dreamy forest with the adorable fawn. The galaxy light projector allows you to adjust the focus for clear imaging by rotating the focusing head.

    Easy-to-Use Functionality: Our galaxy light projector is designed for effortless operation. Simply insert the film, press the switch, and adjust the focus to enjoy your desired theme scene. The second button allows you to adjust the brightness with a 2-second press (choose from high, medium, or low). Pressing the fourth button for 2 seconds enables you to set the timer (default is 1 hour) so you can sleep worry-free. Additionally, the lamp body can rotate 360°, offering flexibility in positioning.

    Noise-Free Operation: We understand the importance of a peaceful environment, which is why our star lamp is designed with advanced noise reduction technology. You can enjoy the stunning visuals without any distracting noises.

    Optional Multi-Modes: With the star lamp, you have various options to suit your preferences. A short press of the second button turns on/off the scenes with star rotation. The third button allows you to turn on/off the stars and switch between different star colors (white, blue, yellow). The fourth button, when short-pressed, toggles between rotation or twinkling modes.

    Planetarium Projector Planetarium Projector



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