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Hydroponics Growing System

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    Are you tired of overpriced, flavorless produce from the grocery store? Do you want to not pay extra to eat healthy and enjoy the taste of freshly picked herbs and vegetables all year round? Look no further than our hydroponic indoor garden!

    Our NEW indoor garden kit is the perfect solution for anyone looking to grow their own produce indoors, regardless of their gardening experience or space limitations.

    It has been specifically designed to easily grow your favourite plants and herbs all year round & enable an eco-friendly lifestyle. Save time and money TODAY!

    Our Hydro Gardens ensure produce free of contaminants and chemicals. The health issues from chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides found in regular grocery produce has been well documented

    Soil based pots and gardens require regular chemicals and pesticides application to ensure pests do not cause irreparable damage to your plants.


    Made of food grade ABS material, which is safe, non-toxic and no-odor, creating a healthy and safe enviroment for the veggies or herbs.
    The light panel can be adjusted according to the needs of plants, making the plants grow faster.
    The height of the LED grow light also can be adjusted to suit plants at different stages of growth.
    This smart planter have blue light and red light, which has different effects on plants.
    Support automatically fill light for 16 hours.
    Built-in smart chip can help reduce the loss of power.
    Low level indicator, no need to uncover the groove.
    Considered as a great gift for your family and friends, also as a beautiful home decoration.
    Simple and lightweight design makes it easy to move, you can place it anywhere you want.

    Material: ABS
    Input voltage: DC 5V
    Working current: 500-1500MA
    Working power: 6W
    Standby current: 30UA
    Red wavelength: 660nm
    Blue wavelength: 460-470nm
    Light temperature: 5500K
    Number of LEDs: 21
    Package weight: 1237g
    Package size: 37 * 15 * 12cm

    Package List:
    1 * Smart Planter





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