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Color — 16cm no light

Garden Solar Powered Fountain

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    Fully powered by solar energy, without electrical outlets, The more the sunlight, the better the effect.
    There are 4 different types nozzle Choose the right nozzle, put the pump into the water.
    Once the solar panel gain sunlight, it will run automatically within a 3 seconds.
    Perfect for bird bath, fish tank, small pond, pool, garden, water circulation for oxygen.


    Item type: Fountain

    Product size: 13.5x3.8cm

    Solar panel: 1W single crystal silicon

    Maximum quantity of flow: 150L / h

    Product weight: 200g

    Water spray height: 30-40cm

    Material: ABS+PE

    High efficiency solar panel
    Cute shape and floating style


    1. make sure put enough water in the fountain, so pump can stay underwater, completely panels must be completely exposed to the sun, not the leaves or other items.
    3.Change water frequently to keep the water cleaning to avoid any dirt to impede the pump;

    4.Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid any damage;

    5.Keep the surface of solar panel cleaning constantly.

    Package includes:

    1 * Solar Fountain

    1 * Accessories Bag



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