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Cordless Hair Straightener

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    Get gorgeous curls and waves anytime and anywhere with our hair iron. This portable and innovative styling tool is a must-have for all hair enthusiasts. Whether you're traveling, attending events, or simply want to refresh your hairstyle on the go, our hair iron is the perfect solution. The dual-purpose design allows you to switch between curling hair and straight hair, giving you endless styling possibilities. With its compact size and advanced heating technology, you can achieve professional-quality results in minutes. Don't compromise on style while on the move—choose our Mini Dual-purpose Curling Iron for flawless curls wherever you are.

    Key Features

    Compact and portable: It's very compact and portable, and it can be packed in a bag like lipstick.

    Dual-use for straight hair and curly hair: whether it is smooth and natural straight hair or fluffy curly hair, it can meet the needs

    Ceramic glaze: The ceramic glaze-coated heating panel has good thermal conductivity, which can heat the hair evenly without harming it. Help you create a smooth and shiny fashion look.

    3D floating panel: The product adopts a floating heating panel, which can automatically make the hair evenly distributed. This can make the ironing process very smooth and make your hair say goodbye to roughness.

    10W low power + USB: It is safe and consumes low energy, so you can use it with ease. At the same time, it is suitable for a variety of USB power supply types, such as mobile power supplies, notebook computers, and so on.

    Anti-scalding design: The body adopts a strong nylon shell, which is high temperature resistant and can prevent you from being scalded.


    Size:17*0.2*2.2 CM

    Net weight: 53G

    Thermal conductivity material: environmentally friendly alloy

    Shell process: injection molding

    Optimal ironing time: 3–5 minutes

    Rated power: 10W

    Input requirements: 5V=2A

    Package Includes

    1* curling iron + charging cable + manual


    1. Follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided with the product for proper and safe use.

    2. Keep the curling iron out of reach of children and pets when in use or while cooling down.

    3. Use heat-protectant products to minimize heat damage to your hair.

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