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Crown Shower Cap

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    Say goodbye to the tears and tantrums during hair washing with our revolutionary baby shower cap. If you have a child who dreads getting their hair washed, our shower cap is the perfect solution. Designed specifically for washing kids' hair, it ensures that water and shampoo stay out of their eyes and faces, while also protecting their ears. No more tilting their heads backward uncomfortably. With our kids' shower cap, hair washing becomes a breeze, making it less stressful for both child and parent. No more tears or tantrums on wash day!

    Our baby shower cap is ingeniously designed to guide water toward the back of the head. When you pour water onto the hair, it flows smoothly down the back, keeping the front dry. Unlike visor-type caps, our baby bath shower head stays securely in place without slipping, even with the weight of the water. It provides a comfortable and effective barrier, especially for little ones who dislike water on their faces.


    • Material: ‎Silicone
    • Weight: 2.39 ounces
    Crown Shower Cap Shower Cap Crown Shower Cap



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